General Assembly & Long Service Awards

At the end of the year, PT Medifarma Laboratories routinely hold a company event called General Assembly for employees. On 2022, reaching age of 52 years, PT Medifarma Laboratories held the General Assembly under theme of ‘BERSATU BECOME STRONGER’. The event was held on December 16, 2022 in Jeep Station Indonesia in Bogor - West Java. Around 240 employees attended this annual event. This activity is a means for Management to inform the accomplishments that have been achieved through the year and the challenges that will be faced in the next year, as well as cascading company's business strategy for the year 2023 to employees. With this socialization, it is expected that all employees have a clear direction and committed to work together to achieve 2023 corporate goal.

In the event, company also granted long service awards to employees who have worked for 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years. Other awards was granted to employees who had an excellent performance through the year. The award consists of several categories; for Perfect Attendance, Best “BERSATU”, Best Customer Focus, Best Safety, Best 6S Work Center, Best GMP Compliance Work Center, and lastly Best Employee.

All of the award is a recognized appreciation and attention given by the company to employees who have been dedicated and the employees who have contributed, worked hard, and has presented creative ideas for the work to provide maximum positive impact to working environment and to the Company as well. It is expected that the employees are more motivated to escalate their performance and high commitment in realizing the vision and mission of the company.

The event then continued with an outbound activity involving all employees, which aimed to make all employees can rejoice in a pleasant atmosphere by following the programs of games that had positive values, such as establishing cooperation (Team Work), mutual aid, instill honesty, caring, establish leadership, and also a sense of responsibility. It is hoped that learning can be beneficial for employees and can also be applied in the work, so as to increase productivity better.