Halal Bi Halal "Wujudkan Semangat Silatuhrami dalam Keragaman dan Kebersamaan"

Humans are social creatures who always need attention, friends and affection from each other. Each self is bound by various forms of ties and relationships, including emotional, social, economic and other human relationships. So in order to achieve these needs, it is natural to always try to do good to others. Islam understands this very well, therefore friendship must be carried out properly.

To celebrate victory day after 1 month of fasting in the month of Ramadan, according to tradition in Indonesia, especially at PT Medifarma Laboratories, we held a Halal Bi Halal event with the aim of forgiving all employees at PT Medifarma Laboratories, this year we held halal bi halal offline, where the event was filled with giving tausiyah brought by ust Lukman Sayadi and apologizing to each other between management and representatives of Medifarma employees