Opening HSE Month 2023

On November 2 2023, Medifarma Laboratories (MLI) celebrated the opening of HSE Month 2023 at the Medifarma Canteen. This event proves the Company's commitment to care about health, work safety and environmental issues. The company not only reflects the company's seriousness in prioritizing HSE, but is also an important step in achieving Medifarma's Sustainability target by 2030.

HSE Month 2023 has the main aim of increasing awareness of the importance of health, work safety and environmental protection for all Medifarma employees. Not only that, this event also involves vendors and contractors operating in the factory, coordinating collaboration in creating a safer and more sustainable environment.

The theme for HSE Month 2023 is "Hands On, Fly On" which emphasizes hand protection, concern for the safety and health of others, and the journey towards mutual success. The main message to be conveyed to the public is that Medifarma cares about the welfare of its employees and the surrounding environment.

This event includes various activities, training and competitions that all Medifarma employees can take part in. This helps in increasing their awareness about crucial HSE issues. In addition, the company's commitment to HSE over the years is manifested in continuous efforts to improve HSE implementation and create a safer and more sustainable work environment.

At the opening of the event, dr. Ian Martin Wibawa Kloer, President Director of Darya-Varia gave various motivating words. He shared personal experience that he also had a career in the HSE field, so he understands well the importance of these issues. He also appreciated the 2023 HSE Month event and supported Medifarma's sustainability target until 2030. Apart from that, he encouraged good commitment starting from top management to implement HSE in their respective workplaces.

The series of opening ceremonies for the 2023 HSE Month closed with the agenda of holding joint grass planting. Planting grass is not just a symbolic act, but also a strong commitment from Medifarma to the environment. This shows that companies are not just talking about wanting to, but are also acting to create a positive impact on the environment. HSE Month 2023 inspires all parties to work together towards a better and more sustainable future.