In order to enliven the holy month of Ramadhan 1444 H, all employees and company management of PT Medifarma Laboratories held an offline iftar event after 3 years of not having iftar together because it was still during the pandemic.

This joint iftar event was organized by PT Medifarma Laboratories. This has also become an annual routine event jointly held by Medifarma. This event aims to strengthen ties of friendship and increase the solidarity of all Medifarma employees.

In this year's iftar event with Medifarma, it was opened directly by the plant manager of PT Medifarma Laboratories, Mrs. Yovina Fajri and continued with a tausiyah lecture by Ustadz Parman Tohari

In addition, the management also held an iftar event together with the union which was held at the "Saung Telaga Seafood Cibubur"